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The Stable Masters Cottage

A beautiful rendition of the historic Stable Masters Cottage. Read further for information on the build.  

From the crazy designs and use of different timbers throughout, to the incredibly high performance ratings, this is far from your average home. The existing home on this site was the original mona-vale Stable Masters Cottage, damaged severely in the Christchurch earthquakes, this home had to be rebuilt from scratch. With that in mind, the place has been designed sympathetically to the place it has replaced with elements such as all of the original red brick, came from the original home, along with the limestone that has been placed seamlessly around the facade. It has been built to the highest performance standards set for houses today, which grants it a Passive House certification. This means the entire home has been built airtight, and will require no additional heating or cooling for it stay at constant 21 degrees all year round. This is achieved using triple glazed windows throughout, designed and built in Germany with Miranti timber used on the inside, attached to a satin black aluminium on the outside. The outside of the home has been beautifully clad in 1/3 original red brick and 1/3 in western red cedar along as a another 1/3 in colour steel for the service side of the house. Along all of this all visible gutters have been hidden to provide a seamless look from roof to cladding to deck. Inside welcomes you with stunning Tasmanian Blackwood flooring from the entrance, flowing all the way around to the living areas, off set by Rimu architraves and skirting boards. Both sides of the living areas look up to spectacular large skylights of which the entire ceilings and roof has been designed around, spewing in oodles of light. All of the walls are around 300 mm thick, which helps provide the excellent insulation values, aswell as no penetrations through to the outside to keep it airtight.  I've had a huge amount of pleasure working along the owner/designer/project manager of this incredible home to bring it to fruition, and have put my heart and soul into ensuring even the tiniest of details have been finished to an exceptionally high standard. You can check out the full publication from stuff about this fantastic home with this link!

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